Thursday, May 13, 2010

Morning ducks

Fresh eggs for breakfast, still warm from a duck sitting

This morning was one of the few times when I've quietly walked up to the duck hut, and still find everyone in the hut. Typically when I let the quackers out in the morning, I walk to the hut talking to the group, and the quacking conversation begins. This morning I was hoping to peek into the hut from above to see who might be sitting on the eggs. Some days the egg(s) are still warm-one of the girls sits on the eggs in the morning. Perhaps it's both, but I have a belief it is Domino. Ranger just seems too involved with the boys, but I could be wrong. I have observed when the group is in the main duck run in the morning, Domino saunters out of the hut just as I walk up or open their door. So I believe it's time to quietly walk outside, and aim for a peek to see who is sitting on the eggs in the morning.

Both D. and I have observed that Ben is a water hog. Fresh water in the tub? Ben's in! Which duck flies/hops to the goldfish pond? Ben! What about the little black tub with fresh water? Ben is the first testing the waters. The girls appear to be content to hunt with Big Blue keeping watch as Ben takes his time in the water.

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