Monday, July 6, 2009

Ducks, Dawn and Joe Purdy

The song is "Wash Away (Reprise)" by my favorite musician Joe Purdy from the album "Julie Blue."

I first learned of Joe by a simple twist of fate. I was at the 5th Street Market in Eugene for lunch one random workday about 4 years ago. We ate out in the fountain area and there was a band playing. They were touring on the CD Julie Blue and it was the first CD I purchased in a decade (you know Napster and all). Joe is simply the best. They had the entire place wrapped in sound and I was instantly hooked. I believe it was "I love the rain the most" and the lyrics:

"Well, the dark waves, they start singing together I can't believe this change in the weather

I start to hum a child's rhyme And all these boats, they start rocking in time

And I love the rain the most when it stops

Yes, we love the rain the most when it stops Yeah when it stops."

They had the whole place "Rockin' in Time" you can even hear the guitars playing the parts of the lapping waves as they hit the boats.

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